Bài 16 Câu Điều Kiện (P1)


Bài 16 Câu Điều Kiện (P1)


Type 0: Cấu trúc câu điều kiện loại 0 dùng để diễn đạt những sự thật tổng quan, những dữ kiện khoa học luôn luôn xảy ra với một điều kiện nhất định.

If clause Main clause
Simple present Simple present

Câu mệnh lệnh


If you heat ice, it turns into water.

If there is a shortage of any product, prices of that product go up.

If he comes, call me = call me if he comes.


Type 1: Câu điều kiện có thể xảy ra ở hiện tại hoặc tương lai

If clause Main clause
Simple present Simple future


If he runs, he will het there on time.

The cat will scratch you if you pull her tail.

  • Dạng đặc biệt/ biến thể


If clause Main clause Use Example
Simple present May/might



Khả năng

Cho phép

Khuyên bảo

If the fog gets thicker, the plane may be diverted.

If you finish your homework, you can go out

If you want to lose weight, you must eat less bread

Present continuous Simple future


Nhấn mạnh hđ đang diễn ra ở hiện tại Nhấn mạnh hđ đang diễn ra ở hiện tại.
Present Perfect Simple future


Nhấn mạnh hành động đã kết thúc/hoàn thành trước 1 Hđ khác If you have finished, you may go out


Type 2:Câu điều kiện không có thật ở hiện tại

If clause Main clause
Simple Past  -> (to be  were) Would/could/should/may/might + Inf

– Fact: I don’t have a map (HT)

o If I had a map, I would lend it to you.

– If someone tried to blackmail me, I’d call the police.

– If I were you, I’d plant around the house (I’m not you)

= Were I you, I’d plant around the house

= If I were in your shoes, I’d plant around the house

– If I lived near my office, I’d be in time for work. (I don’t live near my office)

= If I were to live near my office, I’d be in time for work.

= Were he to live near his office, I’d be in time for work.


Type 3: Câu điều kiện không có thật trong quá khứ

If clause Main clause
Past perfect Would/ could/ might/ should + have + P.P


Fact: He helped me (QK), I won the prize.

If he hadn’t helped me, I wouldn’t have won the prize.

If we had found him earlier, we might have saved him.

If I had worked harder last year, I could have passed the exam.



  1. Đảo ngữ câu ĐK3

If you had obeyed orders, the disaster wouldn’t have happened

  • Had you obeyed orders, the disaster wouldn’t have happened

If he hadn’t helped me, I couldn’t pass the exam

  • Had he not helped me, I couldn’t pass the exam


  1. Câu ĐK trộn
If clause Main clause Example
Simple Past (II)


Past Perfect (III)

would / could / might/should + have + P.P (III)


Would + inf (II)

If I knew my mother was coming to see me, I’d have prepared more food

If I had caught that plane last night, I would be dead now.



Choose the best option to complete each of the following sentences

  1. If I ______ the bus this afternoon, I will get a taxi instead.
  2. miss B. will miss C. missed                        D. had missed
  3. `We’ll have to go without John if he ______ soon.
  4. won’t arrive B. will arrive C. arrives                        D. doesn’t arrive
  5. If you ______ your homework, I _____ you watch TV.
  6. won’t do/ let B. did/ won’t let
  7. don’t do/ won’t let D. won’t do/ don’t let
  8. If you _____ this switch, the computer _____ on.
  9. press/ comes B. will press/ comes
  10. press/ can come D. have pressed/ will comes
  11. “Would you like some cake?”- “no thanks. If I ________ cake, I ______ fat.”
  12. ate/ will get B. ate/ would get
  13. would eat/could get D. am eating/ will get
  14. Pam broke her arm in the accident. It____ much worse if she hadn’t been wearing her seat belt.
  15. will be B. would have been C. was                         D. were
  16. “My boss made me work overtime again.”_ “if I _____ you, I _____ my job.”
  17. were/ would have quit B. am/ will quit
  18. was/ must quit D. were/ would quit
  19. “I don’t know whether to take that job or not”- “_____ you, I _____ it. ”
  20. if I had been/ would have taken B. should I be/ will take
  21. if I were/would have taken D. I were/ would take
  22. If you _____ me about the bad service, we’d have eaten there.
  23. didn’t tell B. wouldn’t have told
  24. hadn’t told D. had told
  25. The teacher was absent today, so class was canceled. If she _____ absent again tomorrow, class____ tomorrow, too.
  26. is/ will cancel B. is/ will be canceled
  27. was/ would be canceled D. was/ would cancel
  28. If he ____ me, I’ll be ready to help him.
  29. ask B. will ask
  30. asks D. to ask
  31. When winter comes, I ____ a new coat.
  32. buying B. buy
  33. will buy D. buys
  34. What would Tom do if he ____ the truth?
  35. would know B. has know
  36. knows D. knew
  37. If I ____ you, I wouldn’t do that.
  38. be B. were C. was                 D. had been
  39. If I had been absent from class yesterday, I____ the math test
  40. would missed B. would have missed
  41. will miss D. miss
  42. If I _____ a millionaire, I ______ a Civic Honda.
  43. am/ will buy B. was/ would buy
  44. was/ would have bought D. were/ would buy
  45. “ Here is my phone number”- “thanks, I _______ you a call if I _____ some help.”
  46. will give/ will need B. would give/ needed
  47. will give/ need D. give/ need
  48. If I _____ wings, I _____ take an airplane to fly home.
  49. have/ won’t have to B. had/ wouldn’t have to
  50. have/ will have to D. had/ didn’t have to
  51. I think you should stop smoking.
  52. if I am you, I will stop smoking. B. if I were you, I will stop smoking.
  53. if I were you, I would stop smoking. D. if I had been you, I would stop smoking.
  54. We did not visit the museum because we had no time.
  55. If we have time, we will visit the museum.
  56. If we had time, we would visit the museum.
  57. If we had had time, we would have visited the museum.
  58. If we had had time, we will visit the museum.
  59. ______You work harder, you will be sacked.
  60. Whether B. If C. However                D. Unless
  61. Unless you _____ quiet, I’ll scream.
  62. don’t keep B. keep C. kept                        D. didn’t keep
  63. I won’t wake unless I ______ the alarm.
  64. don’t hear B. heard C. hear                         D. didn’t hear
  65. ______, he would have been able to pass the exam.
  66. If he studied more B. If he were studying more
  67. studying more D. If he had studied more
  68. If I had had some more money, I _______ that book.
  69. Would buy B. will buy C. would have bought             D. all are correct
  70. ______ if I take a map.
  71. I will get lost B. I will not get lost
  72. I would get lost D. I would not get lost
  73. If cauliflowers ______ from extreme temperatures, the heads get discolored.
  74. will not be protected B. are not protected
  75. were not protected D. are not being protected
  76. ______ I have time, I will go with you,
  77. If B. Unless C. So                  D. So that
  78. If you had told me that this was going to happen, I ___ it.
  79. would never have believed B. don’t believe
  80. hadn’t believed D. can’t believe
  81. If Jake ___ to go on the trip, would you have gone?
  82. doesn’t agree B. didn’t agree
  83. hadn’t agreed D. wouldn’t agree
  84. If I ___ as young as you are, I ___ in a boat round the world.
  85. were- would sail B. would be – would sail
  86. were- will sail D. would- would sail
  87. ___he___ hard last year, he would have lost the first prize.
  88. Hadn’ t – studied B. Had- studied
  89. Didn’ t study D. If – had studied
  90. We ___ the game if we’ d had a few more minutes.
  91. might have won B. won C. had won                  D. will win
  92. I ___ William with me if I had known you and he didn’ t get along with each other.
  93. hadn’ t brought B. didn’ t bring
  94. wouldn’ t have brought D. won’ t bring
  95. ___ interested in that subject, I would try to learn more about it.
  96. Were I B. Should I C. I was                         D. If I am
  97. I ___ you sooner had someone told me you were in the hospital.
  98. would have visited B. visited C. had visited                  D. visit
  99. Do you think there would be less conflict in the world if all people ___ the same language?
  100. spoke B. speak C. had spoken               D. will speak
  101. ____ resigned, we would have been force to sack him.
  102. Had he not B. Hadn’t he C. He had not                D. He not had
  103. ______, he would have been able to pass the exam.
  104. If he studied more B. If he were studying more
  105. studying more D. had he studied more
  106. Had I had some more money, I _______ that book.
  107. Would buy B. will buy               C. would have bought                D. all are correct


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